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Álvarez Aznar takes both first and third place in today’s big class here at Montenmedio

Álvarez Aznar takes both first and third place in today’s big class here at Montenmedio

Last week finished off with Mariano Martínez Bastida taking first and third place in the CSN4* Grand Prix class and this week began with the same results for Eduardo Alvarez Aznar riding ‘MOGAMBO’ and ‘F’ (resp’) in this 1.45m, CSI Big Class. Not unexpectedly the Spanish rider from Murcia, Martínez Bastida, took second place riding ‘CLEARTOON’.

In the 1.40m class the successful local rider Jesús Torres García with ‘GRUPO PROM HACIENDA’ had the fastest time, winning the class in front of the Belgian rider, Ignace Philips de Vuyst riding ‘CORTEZ VAN’T KLEIN ASDONK Z’. The Portuguese rider Joao Marquilhas with ‘GLAMOUR ES’ was third.


Mariano Martínez Bastida was back on top of the podium this time riding ‘FAMEUS’, in the 1.35m class. Topping off an all Spanish podium were Borja Bidón and Alberto Alonso riding ‘COACH CORNET Z’ and ‘SANGRIA DE LA ROQUE’ resp’, with just over a second between them.

Jesús Garmendia riding ‘BLUBEL DES BRIMELLES’ took the win in the 1.30m.


In second was Olivia Álvarez on ‘GISMO DE PRAVIA’ and the German rider Elena Appendino with ‘BILLYJEAN’ was third. Elena also took third place in the 1.20m class riding the wonderfully named ‘DIABOLIK’; Spanish riders again took the top places with Castora Ortiz on ‘ALEX’ in second and María Sainz with ‘CINDERELLA 597’ the overall winners of class.


One of the last classes today was the 1.10m where the Russian rider Serafima Denisova and ‘HONFLEUR VD’ were the winners with second place taken by Natalia Appendino on ‘MILLFIELD CLICHE’. In third place was Cayetana Calderón on ‘CURIOSO DE VALD’.

Young Horse Classes

Some 70 horses took to the arenas today in these classes.

The 5 and 6 yr old classes were not against the clock. There were 9 clears in the 5yr olds and 11 in the 6yr olds.
In the 7 yr old class Eduardo Álvarez Aznar was the winner riding the very promising ‘ILERO’, In second place was ‘WILL BE GENTRE’ ridden by Samuel Oliva and third place was taken by ‘DUM DUM’ and Ivan Serrano.


Tomorrow the show continues:

Competition begins at 09:00 with the 1.30m class in Ring 5.  At 10:00 the Young Horse classes begin with the 6yr olds, in Ring 8.  At 11:00 the 1.40m class will begin in Ring 3.

The competition can be followed live either by using the free Sunshine Tour Mobile App available for both  




The App may also be used to enter classes, order from the warehouse, consult results as well as watching and downloading videos and watching LiveStreaming. LiveStreaming is also available on our website  


18/06/2020   by Sunshinetour News , Press releases , Horses , Young Horses , Dehesa Montenmedio

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