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Belgium take the top two places on the podium in the ‘Pavo’ Small Grand Prix

Dominique Hendrickx wins with ‘Vintadge de la Roque’ and Gilles Thomas is second with ‘Jetric Van Beek Z’

Today the Small Grand Prix was kindly sponsored by Pavo, the well known specialist feed and supplement company.  The top two riders on the podium have already been in the rosettes here at the Andalucía Sunshine Tour and were both from Belgium. 


Only 14 horses got through to the jump off in this demanding Longines Ranking class, and there were a few that finished the first round with time faults. The jump off course was designed to favour bold, forward riding and had one really crucial left turn, from an oxer number 5, doubling back to an upright at number 6, before a relatively sharp turn right and a gallop down to the last fence.  In the end it was Dominique Hendrickx with the very athletic ‘Vintadge de la Roque’ (Kannan x Galoubet A) who managed to combine forward strides, with really neat turns and flew around the course with great style.  Their time was 37.32s which was almost two seconds faster than Gilles Thomas who was riding ‘Jetric Van Beek Z’ (Jivago D’Arsouilles x Vagabond de la Pomme) and took second place.


Adir Dias de Abreu from Portugal also rode a lovely round and ended up in third with ‘Tashmir Z’;  Danish rider Cecilie Tofte was fourth with ‘Happiness’ and the Spanish rider, Carolina Aresu was fifth with the amazing jumper, ‘Criquet de L’Isle’.


The 1.35 Big Tour class was a speed class and was won by Severin Hillereau from France, riding ‘Bull D’Hogue’.  Swiss riders took the next two places,  Alain Jufer with  ‘Golden Future MM’ and Simone Buhofer with ‘Nicolas HD’.  Leopold Van Asten (NED) was in the rosettes yet again, today with ‘VDL Groep Victoria’ and took fourth whilst  the very fast rider, Alexa Larkin (ITA) was fifth with the consistently placed ‘Lady Angeles’.


Jessica Burke (IRL) was the winner of the Medium Tour 1.40 with ‘Inpulss’.  Second was Pierre Alain Mortier (FRA) with ‘Astings du Busson’;  in third was lasmina-Nicole Panaite (ROU) with ‘Casparow 4’;  in fourth was Penelope Leprevost (FRA) with ‘Candy D’Elle’ and in fifth was Kendra Brinkop (GER) with ‘Etania VA’.


Medium Tour 1.30 results:  Anna Skarberg (SWE) with ‘Gravinissa SW’ was the winner; Alex Finney (IRL) with ‘Duco’ second;  Kevin González de Zárate (ESP) third with ‘Enji du Barquet’; fourth was Eduardo Pérez (ARG) with ‘Carentino Z’ and fifth was Luis Astolfi  (ESP) with ‘Excel’.


The main arena was the site of the Small Tour 1.40-1.45 , (2PhSp).  The top two in this class were both Irish, Sean Monaghan was our winner with ‘EMS Adelaide’ in 31.48s and Ciaran Nallon with ‘Mc Flurry 10’ was second in 31.56s.  Belgian rider, Aiko Paridaen was third with ‘Libelle de Muze’;  Portuguese rider Joao Mota was fourth with  ‘Misterio Sobral da Costa’ and Swedish rider, Antonia Andersson was fifth with ‘Dyneine de Lilau’.


Jone Ille with ‘Eolita L’ had a win for Finland in the Small Tour 1.35.  Second was Javier González Fraga (ESP) with ‘Bulabú.  Third and fourth were taken by British riders,  Jack Stirling with ‘Os Vino’, and Lila Bremner with ‘Cocktail D’Azur’.  In fifth was Spanish rider, Celia Cobo with ‘Alto Du Roc’.


Georgina Burchmore-Eames (GBR) with ‘Kept Secret T’ was our winner in the 1.30 Small Tour; second was Helmut Schönstetter (GER) with ‘Neugschwents Concordia’ and third was the Irish rider, Lucinda Roche with ‘Izar LB’.


In the 1* events:  Jone Ille won the 1* 1.30, with ‘Dolanda’:  Joao Mota (POR) won the 1.20 with ‘Jinesse’ and Sani Illi (FIN) was the winner of the 1.10 with ’Manouscha Van’t Steenputje’.


The Andalucía Sunshine Tour 2022 ends up its third week tomorrow with 12 classes and the well anticipated Equine America Grand Prix.  This will be held in the grass David Broome, main arena in the afternoon and will be set at 1.55m.  The Medium Tour and Small Tour GP classes are also held tomorrow and all three GPs are, Federación Ecuestre Internacional, Longines Ranking classes.  The GP for the 1* will also be held tomorrow. 


The Andalucía Sunshine Tour 2022, is kindly sponsored by Consejería de Turismo, Regeneración, Justicia y Administración Local de la Junta de Andalucía.

26/02/2022   by Sunshinetour News , Press releases

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