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Holly Smith flying high in the Vejer Trophy with long term partner ‘Fruselli’

Tabitha Kyle also from Britain, takes second with ‘Desterly’ and Spanish, Pilar Cordón with ‘Guust Van Den Katten Eeck’ completes the podium

Top British rider, Holly Smith made a great start to her Tour here today with her long time top partner, the 14yr old ‘Fruselli’ who is just getting back into shape.  ‘Fruselli’ is well known here at the Tour and one of our top winners, he is by  ‘Zambesi TN’ x ‘Karandasj’ and today, this partnership had a really smooth win in the Vejer Trophy class,  set at 1.45m and held in the Milton arena.  They stopped the clock in this speed class in 57.41s, around a course that had caused a fair number of issues, but not for Holly, nor her compatriot, Tabitha Kyle, who ended up in second place with ‘Desterly’ (‘Tolan R.’ x ‘Murano’).  Third was Spanish, Pilar Cordón Muro with ‘Guust Van Den Katten Eeck’ (‘Zazu’ x ‘Caesar Van de Helle’) and fourth another British rider, Ben Walker with ‘Billy Barlow’.  In fifth was French Guy Jonqueres D’Oriola with ‘Aristo Du Loir’.  The prizes were handed out by the mayor of Vejer, Antonio González, and the council delegates of Sport and Culture, José Ligero Sánchez and Manuel Jesús Melero Callado, respectively.


As we move into the fourth week of the Andalucía Sunshine Tour,  which is sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports of the Government of Andalucía, through Tourism and Sports of Andalucía;  we have a lot of excellent Spanish riders in attendance.  This was clearly demonstrated with a Spanish win in the 1.40 class from Elena Appendino with ‘Grupo Prom Hacienda’ (‘Coltaire Z’ x ‘Libertino’).  She won this 2Ph Sp class with a really fast round, knocking the elegant Brazilian rider Yuri Mansur with ‘Fleur D’Oz’ off of the top spot.  In third was the Portuguese rider Nuno Tiago Gomes with ‘Chaccora’s Stakko PS’;  fourth was Irish, Jack Ryan with ‘Sympathie 60’ and in fifth was the famous French master,  Roger Yves Bost with ‘Ever de Turan’ a truly competitive class with an international field.


British riders,  Emma Stoker with ‘Q Seven’ and Laura Mantel with ‘NPS Jaliska’ took the top two places in the 1.35 class followed by Belgian, Nikita Van Der Meerschen with ‘Festif des Biches’.  German, Laura Hetzel had a great day taking both fourth and fifth with ‘Oak Grove’s Darshana’  and  ‘Athena’.


There was also a British win in the 1.30 from Stephen Lohoar and ‘Kameron LSH’.  Second was Yuri Mansur with ‘Cerafina’ and in third was Moroccan, Abdennour Dahbi Skali with ‘Goldstrike’.  German, Juliette Berghmans with ‘D Day De Lison Z’; British Amelia Gardiner with ‘OCS Double Vision’ and Dutch, Mienie Vos with ‘Sire de Beau Soleil’ were winners in the 1.20 class.


The Young Horses also started up today, with  ‘Avant Garde HST Z’ winning the 7yr olds, rodeen by British, Olivia Gent;  second was ‘EIC Stepstone’ with German,  Helmut Schönstetter and third was ‘Priskada’ with Emma Stoker.


The 5 and 6yr olds had FnoT classes with 31 clears in the 6yr olds and 9 in the  5yr olds.


Tomorrow there are six classes in this CSI2*:  one is a Longines Ranking class;  the Young Horse classes continue for the 7 and 5 yr olds and we start up a National Pony Competition,  CSNP1  qualifier, for both the Champions Cup of 2024 and the Spanish Pony Championships.

29/02/2024   by Sunshinetour News , Press releases

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