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Jason Foley with ‘Rockwell RC’ wins the Hipotels Trophy class

James Smith with ’Holly’ takes second place and Jesús Garmendia with ’Callias’ completing the podium

The winner of the 1.50 Hipotels trophy class was the talented Irish rider, Jason Foley with the nine year old, ‘Rockwell RC’. This beautifully bay bred mare is by Kannan and owned by Sean Cubitt. The pair stopped the clock in 56.22s beating the fast time that that the British rider, James Smith had set earlier on in the class, by just 0.01s!!!  This was British rider, James Smith, who ended up taking second place in this exciting speed class, with another bay mare, the 11 year old ‘Holly’ who is by ‘Zambesi’.

Third was the Spanish rider, Jesús Garmendia Echevarria with ‘Callias’ by ‘Companiero’; fourth the Brazilian, Pedro Junqueira Muylaert with ‘Townhead Liberty V’ and fifth was William Whitaker with ‘Galtur’.


It was a day for tight finishes, and in the other 1.35 Big Tour class, another British rider took the top spot, Ronnie Jones with ‘Kaleche’, he was just 0.02s in front of the Swedish rider Ebba Danielsson who took second place! Ebba was riding ‘Chopard 19’ and she was followed by the Irish rider, who is already doing well here at the Tour, Commandant Geoff Curran with ‘DHF Alliance’. Not content with just taking first place Ronnie also was fourth with ‘Joplin’ and in fifth was the Hungarian, Vince Jarmy with ‘For Quick PS’.


There was a win for the Bulgarian rider, Konstantin E. Van Damme with ‘United’ in the Medium Tour, 1.45. Second was the French rider,  Alexa Ferrer with ‘Helium D.S.; third was the Spanish rider, Rubén Gómez Crespo with ‘Allblack de Gressoux’.


Michael Viehweg was the German winner of the Medium Tour 1.40 with ‘Comanche 29’. The next three places went to British riders, recently arrived, Guy Williams with ‘Rouge de Ravel’; Jude Burgess with ‘Dreams of Don’ and  Emma Stoker with ‘Daisy’.

Emma is continuing with her run of top placings, also winning the 1.30 in an amazing time of just 52.77s, with ‘Q Seven’, way in front of the Portuguese rider, Nuno Martins with ‘Holly d’Eiro’ who stopped the clock in 56.14s. In third was the British rider, Elizabeth Baker with ‘GK Casper’. Fourth was Swedish Jacob Hellström with ‘Starline’ and fifth, the Dutch rider, Doron Kuipers with ‘Icycle Z’.


Emma also went on to win both of the 6yr old classes with ‘Priskada’ and ‘Comme Ci Comme Ca’. A really successful day for this very talented rider.


The first 8yr old class of the week was held today and the top two on the podium were French. The winner was Alexa Ferrer with ‘Fleur d’Oz Vitalhorse’ and in second was Thibault Touron with ‘Happy Girl’, also coming fourth with ‘Pilgrim SW’. In third was Swedish rider, Alexander Zetterman with ‘Amour SA’.


Belgian rider, Kevin Gielen was the winner of one of the 7yr old classes for the third time in a row, with ‘Luna van de Zeilhoek’. In second and third were the Spanish riders Hugo Álvarez Amaro with ‘Casaspezia’ and Armando Trapote Mariscal with ‘Cinsey EK’.

Peter Szuhai from Hungary continued his great results, winning the other 7yr old class with ‘For Dilando PS’, closely followed by Konstantin E. Van Damme, with ‘Charly Brown G’ and in third was French rider, Olivier Robert with ‘Heltic’.


Spanish riders, Alejandro Fernández Sánchez with ‘Sting V H Ruytinxbos’ and Juan Manuel de Jove Rodríguez de Torres with ‘Amarylis de Olid’ were the winners in the two 5yr old classes.


These are the main results today and the rest may be found on our app and our web page. The Andalucía Sunshine Tour, is sponsored by ‘la Consejería de Turismo, Cultura y Deporte’ and cofinanced by the European Union. Tomorrow there are two Longines Ranking classes, part of the thirteen classes which will be running during the day. Jumping continues here at Montenmedio until the 26th of March.

09/03/2023   by Sunshinetour News , Press releases

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