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Marie Demonte and ‘Flashing de Riverland’, winners of the Small Grand Prix

This fast French rider was last to go in the eight horse jump off on the lovely gelding by ‘Kannan’

Eight riders got through to the jump off in the 1.40 Small Grand Prix today, held in the Milton arena. Last to go was French rider,  Marie Demonte and her 9yr old gelding ‘Flashing de Riverland’ who is by ‘Kannan’ x ‘Allegreto’.  She rode an attacking round, right from the start and stopped the clock in just 34.87s, taking the lead from the Irish rider, Jonathan Smyth with ‘Mulvin Lights Out’ in 35.75s.  Third was Brazilian, Felipe Amaral with ‘Carisma’;  fourth and fifth were Spanish riders, Diego Ramos Maneiro with ‘Hero’ and Pilar Cordón Muro with ‘Missouri Van’t Ruytershof’.


British, Emma Stoker continues her good results here and today, with ‘Q Seven’ she won the biggest class, a 2PhSp, set at 1.45.  She finished in 24.58s a smidgen in front of Irish, Sean Monaghan in 24.63s with ‘L-Piccola’; third was Marie Demonte this time with ‘Forban De Beliard’; fourth, Spanish, Olivia Álvarez García with ‘Cocopelli B’ and fifth, Czech, Anna Kellnerova with ‘Joyride’.


There was also a British win in the 1.35 by the hand of Laura Mantel and ‘NPS Jaliska’.  Irish, Taylor Peare was second with ‘Billy Atlantic’;  third, British rider,  Jude Burgess with ‘Undun’;  Marie Demonte was fourth in this class with ‘Cimply the Best’ and Moroccan,  Samy Colman with ‘Gary Grant’ was fifth.


There was a British top two in the 1.30, from Summer Tanner and ‘Billy Colman’ followed by Ben Walker with ‘Don L.C’;  French Louis Rafael Saint Cyr with ‘Ascalvara De Bo Z’ was third;  Pilar Cordón was fourth with ‘Seawillow’ and in fifth was Belgian, Rosalie Lambermont with ‘Galaxi Rose Des Vents’.


The 1.20 results were in order:  Belgian, Charlotte Berghmans with ‘Couleur Chianti’; Moroccan, Marie Mernissi with ‘Qloony Denfer’; Swedish, Olivia Munkberg with ‘Egotrip’ and two Spanish riders,  Manuel Román Álvarez with ‘Chacco’s Magic’ and  Teresa Madrigal Arteaga with ‘Milonga de Sauco’ taking the last two places.


The 1.10 also had a French winner,  Ayoub Lkhal with ‘Omani Obelensky RBF Z’; followed by: Zimbabwean, Lauryn Baxter with ‘Evolve Gold Label’;  Spanish, Lucía González Arroyo with ‘Club de Coeur’;  Czech, Viktoria Heckelova with ‘Casanova’ and Spanish Beatriz Plazas Lodares with ‘Ulenspiegel’.


In the Young Horse, 6yr olds, the winner was British Tabitha Kyle with ‘Sing Z’ followed by German,  Enno Klaphake with ‘Casallier’ and Ben Walker with ‘Billy Tamrac’.


The 5yr olds was won by Spanish,  Rocío Lázaro Alonso Ruth with ‘Esmeralda Z’ and she also took third with ‘Pilatos del Amor’.  In second was ‘Odys’ ridden by British rider,  Barry Dove.


These are the main results today here at the Andalucía Sunshine Tour, sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports of the Government of Andalucía, through Tourism and Sports of Andalucía.

02/03/2024   by Sunshinetour News , Press releases

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