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Omer Karaevli remains on great form here at the XXV Sunshine Tour

From the very first day, this Turkish rider has been extremely successful in the Young Horse classes.

From the very first day, this Turkish rider has been extremely successful in the Young Horse classes.


Once again Omer Karaevli has added more qualifying rounds in the Young Horse classes.  Omer is based in Germany and participated in the 2016 Olympics of Rio de Janeiro, making him the first Olympic showjumper for Turkey in 56 years.

He took both first and second places in section A of the 6yr old class with “Just call me May” and “Istinov” respectively.  He told us “They are young horses that I started riding for our team, Carpe Diem last October.  We are very happy with their results here and their improvement over the last few months. The goals of our team are both to prepare these young horses for sale and to take them up to the higher levels of the sport.  Team Carpe Diem has brought 19 horses in all and I ride 9 of them.”

In section B of the class the local Spanish rider Carlos Bosch Cebrián was the winner on a CDE “Concertino de Mies”.

The 5yr old A section was hotly contested and won by Dominique Joassin riding “Dame de coeur” for Belgium.  In second place was once again, Omer Karaevli, this time on the Belgium bred “Obabelute-M”.

In 7yr old Section B class, Omer took both fourth and fifth in section B.  “It’s my first time here at the Sunshine Tour and I love it, we are staying for the whole,6 weeks. I think that the Tour is ideal to bring on both riders and horses”.

In Section A three French bred horses took the top places; “Costa Diam” ridden by Regis Bouguennec for France;“Champ Dór”with the Spanish rider Patricia Segura and finally“Cornettina du Paradis” with the Belgian rider, Dominique Hendrickx.

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