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Rodrigo Almeida had the fastest time of the day in the Big Tour 1.45, for Portugal

riding ‘Elvic V/H Hoeve-Terras Z’, they flew around the track with Irish rider, Jason Foley and ‘CnocRua Chinook’ hot on their heels.

Tomorrow there are 16 classes, three of which are FEI Longines Ranking classes


Rodrigo Almeida from neighbouring Portugal, is a regular in our results at the Andalucía Sunshine Tour;  today he was riding ‘Elvic V/H Hoeve-Terras Z’ (Elvis Ter Putte x Landetto), who was literally the fastest horse around the course, in the Big Tour 1.45,  2Ph Sp, and with whom he has already won two classes here;  one yesterday in the Medium Tour 1.40 and the other last week in the Big Tour 1.35;  showing great success as he moves the horse moves up in height in his classes.  This pair stopped the clock in 29.96s and took first place. However, the class was well attended and there were more than 100 participants so the results were split and also taking first in the second section, was the very successful Irish rider,  Jason Foley with ‘CNOC Rua Chinook’ (Pacino x Ramino B), who stopped the clock in 31.94s, their top placing so far here at the Tour.


The two second places were taken by two well known riders;  Dutch, Gerco Schröder with ‘New Star VD Berghoeve’ and British, Holly Smith with ‘Cevann’.  Third were the Spanish rider, Rubén Gómez Crespo with ‘Vavavoom de Gamma’  and the French rider, Ines  Joly with  ‘Vitto de Cartherey’.

Slovenian rider,  Dominika Gaalova rode ‘Leonardo Van’t Heike’ to take the win in the Big Tour 1.35 speed class.  There were 55 competitors in the class, held in the Big Star arena.  This pair stopped the clock in 63.61s well ahead of  Julie Welles form the USA who was second in 65.97s with ‘Diadem du Thot’;  in third was the Brazilian rider Pedro Veniss with ‘Diferencia Van Het Lindenhof Z’;  in fourth was Spanish rider, Luis Plaza with  ‘Bijoux’ and in fifth, was Anthony Condon (IRL) with  ‘Cheevyquinn Pearl’.


Medium Tour 1.40 was another spilt class with two winners, the fastest pair were Abdurakhmon Abdullaev (UZB) and ‘Dukato M’ in 53.74s and they took one of the first  places along with Michael Duffy (IRL) with ‘Lumbumbo’ in 54.21s.  Second places were taken by  Jude Burgess (GBR) with ‘Comeback de Fremis’ and Maksymilian Wechta (POL) with ‘Quvee Prestige’.  Michael Duffy was also third with ‘Cadeau W Z’ alongside Maximilian Weishaupt (GER) with ‘Chateau Margaux’.


The Medium Tour 1.30, was won by Charlotte Barbey (SUI) with ‘Balou’s Bijou N’;  second was James Whitaker (GBR) with ‘Rumbolds Warriors Echo’ and in third was Maximilian Weishaupt, this time riding ‘Friday for Future’.


There was a Spanish winner in the Small Tour 1.35,  Borja Bidón Daurella with ‘Alves HZ’.  In second was Iwan Carpenter(GBR) with ‘Merllyn’s Chacco B’ and in third was another Spanish rider,  Ainhoa Manero Benavente with ‘Bellefleur PS Z’.


The Small Tour 1.30, was won by  Ángela González Muñoz for Mexico with ‘Caijo’  with the rest of the placings occupied by British riders:  Georgina Burchmore-Eames was second with ‘Kept Secret T’;  Chloe Gunning third with ‘Komically’;  Abbe Burchmore-Eames was fourth with ‘One Clarimo’  and in fifth was Miles Pearson with ‘K Sera’.


Tomorrow is the penultimate day here at the Andalucía Sunshine Tour 2022. There are 16 classes, three of which are FEI Longines Ranking classes.  On Sunday there are five Invitational classes, the most important of the seven weeks here and the highlight of the last day at the show.  The event is kindly sponsored by the Consejería de Turismo, Regeneración, Justicia y Administración Local de la Junta de Andalucía, a través de Turismo y Deporte de Andalucía.  Over the seven weeks more than 2 million euros in prize money will have been won.

25/03/2022   by Sunshinetour News , Press releases

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