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Stunning win for Pedro Veniss and ‘Boeckmanns Lord Pezi Junior’, in the 1.50 John Deere Trophy

Spanish rider, Sergio Álvarez Moya was second with ‘Charisma HS’ and third, top Swiss rider, Steve Guerdat with ‘Dynamix de Belheme’

The Brazilian anthem rang out across the rings here at Montenmedio today as the winner of the John Deere Longines Ranking class, Pedro Veniss with the very talented, ’Boeckmanns Lord Pezi Junior’ received his trophy. Pedro was second last to go in this speed class, which had proved to be challenging for many of the 89 riders, who finished with a range of poles down and time faults.  No such problem Pedro as he rode a fast and confident clear on the lovely 14yr old stallion who is by ‘Böckmann’s Lord Pezi’ from a ‘Quattro 7’ dam. Stopping the clock in 64.53s he easily took the lead from the Spanish rider, Sergio Álvarez Moya who had been in the top spot for a while on 66.41s, with the 9yr old, ’Charisma HS’, ( by ‘Uriko’). Sergio ended up taking second place, despite a serious challenge earlier on, from  Swiss rider, Steve Guerdat with ‘Dynamix de Belheme’ (‘Snaike de Blondel’ x ‘Cornet Obolensky’) Who finished in 66.89s. In fourth was Dutch, Kevin Jochems with ‘Flying Jackie’ (‘Nabab de Reve’ x ‘Voltaire’)and in fifth was British, James Davenport with ‘One Way’ (‘Argento’ x ‘Malito de Reve’).


Prizes were handed out to the winners by Diego López, Turf Regional Manager, for John Deere, who are agricultural machinery specialists and kindly sponsored the class.


In the second Ranking class, the Medium Tour 1.45, Dutch rider, Sanne Thijssen was our winner with the 10yr old mare,  ‘Cupcake Z’, who is by ‘Chacco-Blue’ x ‘Caretano Z’. This was a 2Ph class, on grass in the Hickstead arena. Czech rider, Ales Opatrny was second with ‘Holland TN’. Third was young Irish rider, Niamh Mcevoy with ‘Aconzina PS’; fourth was British, Matthew Sampson with ‘MGH Candy Girl’, and in fifth was the German rider, Jens Baackmann with ‘Aglaia J’.


Due to high numbers, the Big Tour 1.45 was split into two. Winners were, British, James Wilson with ‘L’Amour’, with the fastest time of the day and Kevin Jochems with ‘Gijs’. Second places were taken by Italian, Luca Moneta with ‘El Capone RK’; and Dutch rider, Willem Greve with ‘Lagans Obos Quality’; third were Leticia Riva Gil with ‘Cadum de Champloue’ for Spain and Yuri Mansur with ‘Olisco P’ for Brazil.


The Big Tour 1.35 was won by  Maryk Sahney from India with ‘Flyer  B’; second was Spanish rider, Maya de la Joya with ‘Un Lord du Rozel’ and third was Sanne Thijssen with ‘Mascotte of the Paddocks’.


The Medium Tour 1.40, was also spilt and the winners were; Álvaro González de Zárate with ‘Beetlejuice’ for Spain and Hungarian rider, Rodrigo Szuhai with ‘Cornet’. In second were Jorge Bidón Daurella (ESP) with ‘Duska’ and Ava Vernon (GBR) with ‘Jolie Fleur Van de Noodheuvel’; Third were Laura Díez Collado (ESP) with ‘Veroney de Walyro’ and Aurelia Loser (SUI) with ‘Nestor VDR’.


The Medium Tour 1.30, was won by British rider, Will Edwards with ‘Magic Chanti’, second was Kendra Brinkop (GER) with ‘Oak Groves Heartthrob’ and third was Sofía Westborg (SWE) with ‘Astrid’s Lad’.


In the 4* Small Tour classes; Nicole Lockhead Anderson (GBR) with ‘Emerald Irish Cruise’ was the winner of the 1.40; another British rider, Jake Saywell with ‘Havinia Van de Roshoeve’ was the winner of the 1.35 and Spanish rider, Celia Cobo won the 1.30 with ‘Chantre’.


In the 1* classes; there was also a British flavour; the 1.30 was won by, Glain Watkin Jones with ‘Grand Cru’, the 1.20 class was split into two and the winners were Alice Crowley with ‘Bridge Town’ and Arianna Kuligowski with ‘Ivascalle’,  In the 1.10 Italian rider,  María Sofía Suriano was our winner with  ‘Avenir Anton.


Willem Greve had another great result in the 8yr old class with ‘Candy Luck Z’; second was American rider, Michael Hughes with ‘Phantomas PS’ and in third was Irish rider, Max O’Reilly Hyland with ‘BP Limitless’.


These are the main results from today, Full results can be found on our web page. The XXIX Andalucía Sunshine Tour, is sponsored by the ‘Consejería de Turismo, Cultura y Deporte’ and co-financed by the European Union. Tomorrow there are a dozen classes, including the Small Grand Prix, which is a Longines Ranking Class. Jumping starts around 09:00 and finishes around 18:00.  Access to the showground is free, come  and watch live international showjumping and enjoy the facilities for a super day out. For those of you unable to attend you can follow on our App and on our web page at, www.sunshinetour.net  and also ClipMyHorse.

17/02/2023   by Sunshinetour News , Press releases

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