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Leopold Van Asten, with ‘VDL Groe…

19/02/2022 News , Press releases

This Olympic Dutch rider adds today’s victory to his win yesterday in the Longines Ranking class with ‘VDL Groep Urane de Talma’

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Gregory Wathelet with ‘Argentina …

18/02/2022 News , Press releases

Olivier Perreau with ‘GL Events Venzia D’Aiguilly’ is second, Maksymilian Wechta with ‘Chepettano’ takes third, in this FEI Longines Ranking class

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It’s almost a clean sweep at for …

17/02/2022 News , Press releases

More than 1000 horses took to the rings on this perfect day, here at the Andalucía Sunshine Tour

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Michel Hughes with ´First de Murg…

16/02/2022 News , Press releases

Spanish riders Javier González Fraga with ‘Cholita JGF’, Carlos Bosch Cebrián with ‘Jolie Van der Berghoeve’ and the Irish rider Adam Morgan with ‘Chedington Tallulah’ are the winners of the 6yr olds

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‘Kilnaboy Captain’ ridden by Kons…

15/02/2022 News , Press releases

Nearly 600 Young Horses took to the rings today in the second week of the Andalucía Sunshine Tour

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Sanne Thijssen has a scorching wi…

13/02/2022 News , Press releases

Michael Hughes is second with ‘Kashmir Van D’Oude Pastory’ and Gilles Thomas third, with ‘Luna Van Het Dennehof’

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