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News para la categoría News

Dominique Hendrickx wins the Tío …

18/03/2022 News , Press releases

with ‘Koriano Van Klapscheut’, this fast Belgian rider flew around the difficult jump off of 20 participants, winning with almost a second in hand

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In the Big Tour 1.50, Kevin Gonzá…

17/03/2022 News , Press releases

making this talented Spanish pair joint winners alongside Holly Smith in the first Ranking class of the 6th week of the Andalucía Sunshine Tour

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British riders top the field with…

16/03/2022 News , Press releases

with ‘SJL Fizzy Tart’ and ‘Cerano Van de Dijkhoeve Z’, unbeatable in this 1.30 speed class

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Spain and Sweden top in the 7YOs:…

15/03/2022 News , Press releases

win with ‘Kristal’s Beauty B’ and ‘Cidfire EN’ respectively; a great start to the sixth week here at the Andalucía Sunshine Tour

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Scorching Spanish success for Mar…

13/03/2022 News , Press releases

Winner of the Medium Tour Grand Prix he, received his trophy from the vice-president of the Government of Andalucía, Juan Marín

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Penelope Leprevost with ‘GFE Exca…

12/03/2022 News , Press releases

Armando Trapote jumps a fabulous round, taking second place with‘Tornado VS’ and beating the best 50 riders here this week!

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