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Pedro Veniss with ´Nimrod de Muze…

27/02/2022 News , Press releases

The top two on the podium are Brazilian Olympic riders, with Yuri Mansur taking second place riding ‘Humberto Ask’ in the third week here at the Andalucía Sunshine Tour

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Belgium take the top two places o…

26/02/2022 News , Press releases

Dominique Hendrickx wins with ‘Vintadge de la Roque’ and Gilles Thomas is second with ‘Jetric Van Beek Z’

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Willem Greve wins the Catunambú T…

25/02/2022 News , Press releases

Ellen Whitaker shines! Taking second place in this Big Tour class with ‘Spacecake’ and also winning the Medium Tour 1.45m Ranking class!

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Leopold Van Asten wins his third …

24/02/2022 News , Press releases

The Dutch rider wins the first Big Tour class this week with ‘VDL Groep Miss Untouchable’

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´Billy Utah´ ridden by Jessica Bu…

23/02/2022 News , Press releases

´Grenoble de Riverland´ with Ignace Philips de Vuyst, wins the 6yr old and ´Daredevil Z´ with Manuel Thiry the 5yr olds

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272 Young Horses classify for the…

22/02/2022 News , Press releases

Tomorrow we hold the Young Horse Finals with 61 qualified in the 5yr olds, 127 in the 6yr olds and 84 in the 7yr olds

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