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News para la categoría Press releases

Matthew Sampson soars to victory …

12/02/2023 News , Press releases

Kendra Brinkop with ‘In Time’ and Martin Fuchs with ‘Commissar Pezi’ complete the podium

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Michael Hughes wins the Geolastic…

11/02/2023 News , Press releases

Jana Wargers is a hair’s breadth behind, with ‘Clash Royal’ and Victoria Gulliksen comes third, with ‘Thuur Z’ in this FEI Longines Ranking Class

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Sanne Thijssen with ‘Con Quidam …

10/02/2023 News , Press releases

Eduardo Álvarez Aznar with ‘Enjoy de la Mure’, Teresa Blázquez with ‘Nasa de Toxandria’, Alexander Butler with ‘Chilli B’ and Armando Trapote with ‘Tornado VS’ are the top five in the Big Tour Ranking Class

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Sergio Álvarez Moya and ‘Charisma…

09/02/2023 News , Press releases

The Spanish rider had a great day as he also had the fastest round in the 1.40 class, with ‘Jolga Van www.Olland.Biz’

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Dutch rider, Aniek Diks with ‘Qoi…

08/02/2023 News , Press releases

German rider, Guido Klatte with ‘Venga Boy 4’ and Harry Allen with ‘Check Me Z’ take the wins in the other sections of the 7yr class, that saw 215 competitors take to the arena

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The Andalucía Sunshine Tour kicks…

07/02/2023 News , Press releases

Kevin González de Zárate and ‘Corinna’; Samuel Martinez Oliva with ‘Kiana de la Chapelle’ and Norbert Ell with ‘Cuz I Can-S’ were top of the leaderboard in the seven year old sections

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