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News para la categoría Press releases

Magazine for the XXIX Andalucía S…

02/02/2023 News , Press releases

We are pleased to present our annual magazine and hope that you enjoy it

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Emanuele Camilli, top of the podi…

29/01/2023 News , Press releases

The brilliant Italian rider beat off a strong challenge from Martin Fuchs and ‘Che Tipa’, who took second place; with Kara Chad and ‘Igor GPH’ in third

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Elena Appendino wins the Small Gr…

28/01/2023 News , Press releases

Matthew Sampson, takes second with ‘Elisa BJX’ and fourth with ‘MGH Candy Girl’ and, Ismael García Roque, third with ‘Halifax W’

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World Number two Martin Fuchs doe…

27/01/2023 News , Press releases

Paris Sellon was second with ‘Anna Jo’; a top two result for the owners, Willow Grace Farms. In third was Teresa Blázquez with ‘Nasa de Toxandría’

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Impressive win for Matthew Sampso…

26/01/2023 News , Press releases

Spanish rider, José Bono and ‘Ali Baba HT’ were second, with tie for third from; Teresa Blázquez with ‘Nasa de Toxandria’ and Anastasia Nielsen with ‘Castro W’. Santiago Núñez with ‘Valentino de Hus Z’ took fifth

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Top Brazilian rider, Pedro Veniss…

22/01/2023 News , Press releases

Armando Trapote, the current Spanish Champion, took second place with ‘Tornado VS’ and Matthew Sampson with ‘Guestlist’ was third

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