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186 young horses have qualified for tomorrow’s Finals

Nicole Lockhead Anderson with ‘Conthargo PS’ and Emily Sage with ‘Vogue TW’ win the two 7yr old classes today

186 young horses in the three age categories, five, six and seven, have managed qualify with four clear rounds in their classes, for the finals that will be held tomorrow here at Montenmedio. Jumping will begin at 9am with the 1.20m, 5yr old final held in the Milton arena, 5: and there are 53 horses qualified in this jump off class.  The 6yr old final will be held on grass in Guaraná Champeix arena 9, which will begin at 12:15 and is set at 1.30m with a total of 78 horses qualified. The 7yr old class will be in the grass Hickstead arena 1 and is set at 1.40m and has 55 participants.

Today was the last outing for the young horses and their final chance for a qualifying clear round, if needed, and also another round to prepare for tomorrow.  British Nicole Lockhead Anderson has had great success in these classes and today she was the winner of one of the 7yr old classes with ‘Conthargo PS’ and a 5yr old class with ‘Pria Blue PS’.


In the first 7yr old class, second place was taken by the Dutch rider Gerco Schröder with ‘Ludivine’ and third was Austrian rider, Alessandra Reich with ‘Galadermie PP Z’.


The other 7yr old class also had a British winner, a rider who has really made her mark here at the tour, Emily Sage with ‘Vogue TW’. In second place was another rider not often off of the podium, from India, Maryk Sahney with ‘Gold Run’ and in third was the Hungarian, Vince Jarmy with ‘For Lexcis Z’.


In the first 6yr old class the winner was Spanish Álvaro González de Zárate with ‘Marola’ followed by British, Elizabeth Baker with ‘Miss Alanda K’ and in third, once again we saw Emma Stoker with the very consistent, ‘Comme Ci Comme Ca’. In the second 6yr old class the Polish rider,  Msciwoj Kiecon was our winner with ‘Troya L’; German Manuel Feldmann with ‘Valdina van de Fruitkorf Z’ was second and yet again Emma was on the podium, in third with ‘Priskada’.


Not satisfied with these results Emma also was the winner in the first 5yr old class as ‘Bozooka’ stepped up to take the top of the podium followed by. Msciwoj Kiecon who

this time, was second with ‘Herkules Poirot Red Wine’. Third was Spanish rider, Iñaki Lorenzo Simon with ‘Narintia’.


Behind Nicole Lockhead and ‘Pria Blue PS’ in the second 5yr old class was the local  Spanish rider, Jesús Torres García with ‘Emeralds F1’ and in third was the Indian rider, Fouaad Mirza with ‘Cazaan’s Cecotto B’.


The Andalucía Sunshine Tour 2023, is sponsored by ‘la Consejería de Turismo, Cultura y Deporte’ and co-financed by the European Union.  This is our last week of competition with the young horse finals tomorrow and on Thursday, the very last CSI4* and CSI1* will begin.  During this year’s tour over 3.500 horses and 1.000 riders from 60 different countries have participated in this important international sporting event.

21/03/2023   by Sunshinetour News , Press releases

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