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Great Expectations, for tomorrow’s Suzuki Opening Jump&Drive class, which will inaugurate the larg

In this special class, riders must jump a 1.10m course and then hop in a Suzuki to complete a short driven obstacle course, in the shortest time possible. The class will be held at 18:00 tomorrow.

The new covered arena here has been designed to cater for world class showjumping events and it will be inaugurated with its very first competition tomorrow, the 12th of February, here at the Andalucía Sunshine Tour 2022.  The event will be the Jump&Drive class which is sponsored by Suzuki.  This fun class is made up of two sections, and is against the clock.  Riders will jump a small course of fences set at 1.10m,  dismount and run across, themselves jumping a fence on foot, to a waiting Suzuki car.  They then have to negotiate a short course set between cones as fast as they can without incurring penalties. 


The class is designed to be great fun for both the riders and spectators. Anyone may enter the class and adding to the atmosphere there will be the free beer provided to spectators, by Cervezas Victoria, who are also sponsoring the event.


The new covered arena has taken an investment of 750,000 euros and was designed and installed by the company Okatent.  This enormous covered ‘Jappeloup’ arena, is 90m by 62m and covers 5,850 meters squared, thats nearly 1 1/2 acres.  The covering fabric is made of a polyester double membrane, covered with PVC and Keder high frequency welded together.  These two layers create an air chamber that affords the overall structure both thermal and noise insulation and a great wind resistance. 


The construction of this arena will complement the other amenities that Dehesa Montenmedio has already on offer to competitors.  The area will allow competition to go ahead during adverse weather conditions and is unique in the fact that it is entirely removable. 

Indoor arena

11/02/2022   by Sunshinetour News , Press releases

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