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The Class was sponsored by The Ayuntamiento of Barbate. British rider, David McPherson on Best Of Adriers and Moroccan rider, Youssef Salmeron on Levis De Muze were the section winners of the 7yr-old class.

British rider, David McPherson on Best Of Adriers and Moroccan rider, Youssef Salmeron on Levis De Muze were the section winners of the 7yr-old class

The CSI3* continues tomorrow and over the weekend and includes a FEI, Longine’s Ranking Class.

The winner of the Big Tour GP today here at the Sunshine Tour was Brazilian rider Pedro Vennis with Anaya STE Hermelle (Andiamo x Gazelle Blues). The class, sponsored by the Ayuntamiento of Barbate was a qualifier for the Big GP on Sunday. This combination did a cracking clear round in this 1.50m, speed class, beating 144 other riders in a time of 66.70sec. Second place was taken by the Irish rider Gerard O’Neill on Castlefield Vegas; just over a second slower in 67.72sec. In third was the German rider Marcel Marschall on Cassius van de Smis in 68.29sec. The Dutch rider Doron Kuipers on Charley was fourth and the British rider Guy Williams on Dalton D&Hoyo fifth.

The Young Horse classes continued today with a few aiming to get their last clear, of seven, needed to qualify for the Finals next week.

In the 7yr-old class there was a British win from David McPherson on Best Of Adriers (Agano Sitte x Pinup DE Voeuil) in 63.35sec. The Dutch rider Anoek Van der Pluijm on Gogo F (Corland x Cornville) was second in 64.13sec and in third was the Swedish rider, Jacob Hellström on Ginger Blue (Plot Blue x Royal Rose) in 64.76sec. Fourth and fifth were taken by the German riders Michael Viehweg on Comanche 29 (Comme Il Faut 5 x Pia) and Karl Robinson G Camille HBF (Vdl Zirocco Blue x Zialotta).

The Moroccan rider Youssef Salmeron on Levis De Muze was the winner of the second section of this class stopping the clock in 63.38sec. Second was the Columbian rider Mark Bluman on G Laloma Tag (Vleut x C-Laloma)in 66.38sec. In third was the rider from Finland, Piia Pantsu Jönsson on Beginning (Bravour x Upper-Lady) in 66.89sec. The Spanish riders Jaime Gabarrón on Mago de Quijas (Indoctro x Moon De Gamel) and Mariano Martínez on Tatabro Bis took fourth and fifth.

The 6yr-old class was divided into two sections. The first, won by the British rider Nathan Bull on Milton Van Vrijhern (Cupido x Farah Grande De Dwer) in 61.85sec. In second place, the Spanish rider Mariano Martínez on History (Etoile x Ursela) in 65.15sec. In third was the Swedish rider Roine Carlsson on Harris Vdl (Zavall Vdl x Utah Roos Vdl)in 66.65sec.

The second section, won by the Belgian rider Gregory Wathelet on Valuas VD Horst Z (Verdi x Cacina Z) in 62.38sec. In second, the British rider Leonie Aitkenhead on Heart Third (Heartbeat x Paula) in 63.78sec. In third pace another British rider, Carron Nicol on Goldeneye (Fantaland x Zorronella) in 64.33sec.

In the first section of the 5yr-olds today the top two were British riders. Chris Smith on BMC Ralph Van Clover (Van Gogh x Dannys Hill) and David Mcpherson on Nino Du Roton (Iron Man Van De Rape x Caprice Van Het Lind). In the second section the top two were Spanish, Juan Ignacio Lasquetty on I Gran Son De Las Agrupadas and Carlos Bosch on Concertino De Mies.

This was the penultimate jumping day for the Young Horses, next week they have one opportunity to achieve their final zero. We have the finals on Wednesday 21st of March. So far, 240 horses have already qualified. 67 in the 5yr-olds, 104 in the 6yr-olds and 69 in the 7yr-olds.

There are 12 classes tomorrow including the 1.50m, Longine’s Ranking class which will start at 14:00 in the David Broome arena. See you all there!

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