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During the celebration of the Sunshine Tour we build a commercial village area with the best specialized brands installed in more than 20 tents of 5×5 square metres and exhibition lorries for all riders and visitors who want to buy and have a walk around the shops while they enjoy the equestrian sport and the atmosphere at Dehesa Montenmedio.

The Commercial Village is located just beside the restaurant Chez-Moi and the main internatonal competition arena number 3 David Broome, being the necessary path for anyone visiting our facilities.

  1. Cantinho de Cavalo
  2. El Jundi Art Gallery
  3. BBT Clinic & Beauty
  4. Teun Van Riel
  5. Miró Jewelry / Hel.Mastrén
  6. CWD / Celeris
  7. Massimo Dutti
  8. Stephex Horsetrucks
  9. Teun Van Riel
  10. JK Horsetrucks
  1. Equipasion
  2. Equipe
  3. Parlanti/Kep Italia/Carma/Vestrum
  4. Butet / Horse Pilot / Covetsol
  5. Reitsportservice Maderer
  6. Stivaleria F.Fabbri
  7. Ahorasi
  8. Manfredi
  9. Animo

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